Indaba Center Stage: In With the Tides

With the summer months finally upon us, it’s time to spend every free moment at the beach, soaking in the sun, the sand, and the sea. But when the nights cool off and the seasons change, there’s no reason to lose summer’s seaside charm, as ocean-inspired products make a lovely statement in your home all year round. Bringing oceanic art and home decor pieces indoors is a perfect way to keep your home fresh and add an understated coastal touch to any space. Indaba loves to take inspiration from nature, and I have highlighted some of our favorite seaside products here. Which ones are your favorites?

1. Silver Starfish (01-3119-1, 01-3119-2); 2. Sealife Teatowels (17-1454, 17-1455, 17-1456); 3. Demijohn Jugs (01-2592, 01-2593, 01-2594); 4. Coral Statue (01-2591-2); 5. Fisherman’s Floats (01-6601-1 to -5)

1. Sea Star Napkin Ring (15-4737); 2. Blue Haze Ginger Jars (14-1044-1, 14-1044-2); 3. Whale Cushion (17-1467-1); 4. Grey Whale Serving Plate (16-2808); 5. Aruba Bottles (14-0803-2, 14-0803-3); 6. Hanging Rope Lanterns (04-4262-1, 04-4262-2, 04-4262-3)

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