Outdoor Entertaining 101

We’re stuck inside for months at a time, it’s time to break free and get outdoors! From setting the mood, to making sure your fridge is fully stocked, a hostess can never be too prepared. We have put together a short list of a few essentials to keep on hand, as well as a few inexpensive additions to add style and flare to your set up.

Whether your guests are unexpected or planned for, there are a few things you can break out quickly to set up for a party.

1. Add style to your outdoor entertaining space. Colourful linens and cocktail napkins can always be counted on to liven things up. Don’t be afraid to mix colours, prints, and patterns – it’s more fun!

1. Napkin S/4, (12-8126); 2. Tea towel crab (12-1454); 3. Tea towel Strawberry (17-1458)

2. Nothing says ambiance like candles. Choose a variety of height and width and spread them around your outdoor living space. This provides flattering, subtle light with a hint of elegance.

1. Frosted Lantern, (04-4300) 2. Hizman metal lantern, (02-4295); Zara Metal Lantern, (02-4294-1)

3. Summer flowers don’t need fussing over, that’s part of their charm! Pick a few blooms from the garden & place a simple vase in the centre of your table. Tie a bouquet with some raffia if you have it on hand for that rustic appeal.

4. Cocktail hour can be complemented by a fantastic array of glass wear. Keep an assortment on hand so your guests can enjoy their beverage of choice in the appropriate glass.

Feather martini glass (03-3550-4)

5. Keep the fridge stocked! If nothing else, keep a cold bottle of white wine on hand, soda, lemons, limes, and some fruit you handy. This makes for the perfect batch of impromptu sangria on a sunny evening.

6. For planned parties, handmade invites provide a special touch.


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